You Gots To Chill

Life imitating Art. Art imitating life. 

  We have all heard the saying life imitates art. But do we understand the weight of that statement? In our daily actions at some moment we must evaluate a society that has been created? Even if it's didn't start with us, we keep alive the beast. The disrespectful scheme of things that cause us to believe each other isn't worthy, and we continue the misleading. In our music, entertainment and even fashion. 

  Ancestors before us knew the significance of music, beats and the power of spelling. Being spiritual beings connected with the universe , everything affects us. We are aware of the power of words yet we have gotten to the point where we excuse degrading verbiage & disrespectful behavior all because the words being spoken are placed over a catchy tune. A nice beat. One that draws you in and hooks you. Hypnotizing & mesmerizing,  we are being soothed to sleep with bad behavior decorated like lipstick on a pig. 

  Not saying moralism needs be our every move but remember the times our parents and grandparents grew up in? Where love was sung about. And matrimony was all we thought about. The union between man and woman & one day child. We had survivor songs and song of liberation. For hope. 

  We spoke of valuing each and the earth. Living in love, we didn't always sing of hate & anger. Something happened. And because so, we then allowed the conditions of the mind and environment to change us. So then came the mirroring of the behaviors we saw. The behaviors we once ran from, we ran to. Reinforcing the current them. 

  Ego over higher self , highlighting your wants and ignoring your needs. 

  We have songs promoting stripping ( body prostitution ), we have songs promoting side chicks & men  ( infidelity & promiscuity ) , songs about heavy & deadly drug use & low self esteem. 

  The kinds of messages we choose the receive has to be assessed. We can't live demoralizing to ourselves and each other just for a good vibe for the night. 

  Who keeps the trends #1 ? The songs in rotation ? The behavior perpetrated ? All falls back on us. What we allow is what we see. Disruption , unbalance and calamity.

  Written by Carrin Rodriguez

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