This Is Your Brain On Music

  Yo, whether you're jamming to Brolife or local artist Aztro in your car, music has a special ability to pump us up and calm us down. 

  I'm still trying to figure out what goes on in the brain when we listen to music and how it produces effects on the psyche. People who listen to music have less anxiety than people who don't listen to music. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever met a person who doesn't listen to music.  

  It seems that different people, based on their personalities, preferences, and personal histories of listening to certain music, will have different experiences when exposed to a particular piece of music. Their attention to detail varies and they might like different things about it than you or I.  

  Music can be seen as a window into the function of a healthy brain. Not only that but, scientist may even gain insight into neurological and psychiatric problems which would be a big step up.  

  Either way you look at it, listening to music certainly has somewhat of a positive effect on the body and that's something people will never stop doing. Speaking of listening, have you all heard the music on the Brolife site? If not, download quick because these are gems you certainly don't want to miss. Brolife has more surprises in stored as well as new music on the way so, stay tuned people. And, until next week.

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