Today's topic is pretty interesting. Some don't believe in it. When you die, where do you go? Or what do you see? No one has a concrete answer but, Dr Ian Stevenson may be able to tell us something.  

  Reincarnation is a religious concept that implies that upon deaths ones soul, mind, and conscious are transferred to a new born. In this case women would be the portals/gate between life and death lol. Sort of interesting when looking at it that way. 

  It sounds like some stuff out of Final Fantasy game or cheesy animé but, some scientists do believe that it's a feasible concept my dude. Check me out, Dr. Stevenson who's a former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, dedicated the majority of his career to finding evidence of reincarnation, until his death in 2007. Lucky number 7. 

  Dr. Stevenson claims he found over 3,000 examples of reincarnation during his time which he shared with the community. In a study titled, "Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased People", Doc used facial recognition to analyse the similarities between the claimant and their prior incarnation, while also studying birth marks. 

  He wrote in his study that 35% of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and or birth defects that they attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 children have been investigated.  

  The children made 30-40 statements regarding memories that they had not experienced, and through verification, he found that 92% of the statements were correct. Dr Stevenson has said it was possible in each case to find a family that had lost a member whose life corresponded to the children's statements.  

  So, basically when a person dies they lose their memories because it seems their conscious and soul is transferred to a new born. But, it also seems those memories of a past life we thought were no more seem to come about in the form of dreams or Déjà vu as children have them about previous lives. I'm not stranger to it myself. Do you believe when a person dies they're reincarnated? I certainly do. If not, sound off in the comments!

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