Real Friends

  Has anyone heard J Coles, Ab-soul, or Childish Gambinos new album? If so, great. What about some of Brolifes new stuff, heard that yet?  

  It's ok to support other artist but, let's not forget our friends or local artist. Brolife has dropped several tapes thus far on Sound Cloud, Spotify, and this website. I've heard them all amongst the various artists and enjoyed every bit of it. From "102 come up" and "Deluxe" to "Hurricane Season 3" and "Ivito's Way."  

  Now what I love about this group is each artist has their own unique flow and style. Not one is the same. And with that comes a nice merging of good sound and talent, which I dislike seeing go unnoticed. Because, fans (which play a big part in an artist success) or friends would rather support/listen to 21 Savage or Lil Uzi Vert. And I just don't get it. To each is own I suppose but, that's no excuse to not support your friends. 

  Instead of constantly supporting artist you don't even know or have never met in person, how about you take a step back and give your friend some shine a.k.a support his and or her work. Listen, share, recommend to others, etc. It goes a long way, trust. No one likes that one person who comes out of no where when the train is about to take off. You either support them or you don't, point blank. 

  That said, you can find new music from the squad on Sound Cloud, Spotify, and today. I purchased them through myself and it's well worth the money. What's five dollars? If you seriously don't have that or have to contemplate spending that you're a sorry excuse of a human being. My five year old son can get five dollars. All he has to do is ask some random woman in Walmart and his pretty boy face will do the rest. He's done it before, not that I encourage him lol. Well, I think it's about that time to take my leave. Sunday Blues beginning to kick in and I'd like to enjoy what's left of my evening. Until next time people. Support those who support you.

DAVE F. can be reached via twitter @DaveFWa1ker

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