J. Serve, born Steven Junco, hails from Margate, FL. His father was a singer in his native country of Ecuador who performed regularly at the local radio stations on amateur nights back in the 50's and 60's. He credits his father for his musical aspirations and talent. However, Serve didn't really fall in love with music until he became a teenager though, a big fan of rap, Serve could always be heard quoting lines from Wu-Tang's Enter The 36 Chambers, The Blueprint by Jay-Z, The Marshall Mathers LP from Eminem, and even A Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory. It was during these years that Serve began to pen his own rhymes. He is a self-proclaimed "student of the old-school" and with one listen you too can agree that his music has that sense of "back in the day" but with a new energy, a new delivery. In 2011, Serve started his JUNCYARD PRODUCTIONS imprint and began to perform at local clubs and bars around the Broward County area with his partner-in-rhyme SYN, a fellow solo artist he met while working at a clothing store, and the response has been great thus far. Expect to see big things from him in the future as it seems its gonna be a bright one.

"Music is IT for me, there is no backup plan"- J. SERVE

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